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MWID8RGK6CFixed an intermittent Notes client crash when opening certain messages.
SFBI8KBHB6Fixed an intermittent Notes client crash when opening email or processing calendar entries with malformed bitmaps.
JMOY95BN49Fixed an issue that The IBM Notes mail client accepts JavaScript tags inside HTML emails, making it possible to load Java applets and scripts from a...
JMOY95BLM6Fixed an issue that The IBM Notes mail client accepts Java applet tags inside HTML emails, making it possible to load Java applets and scripts from a...
SHEZ75TA8QFixed an intermittent Notes Client crash opening a certain document with tables.
YYYY97H88QFixes issue where an image is pasted upside down when the user creates a new mail document, selects an image, copies it and uses "Edit - Paste...
NPEI96K82QFixed an integer overflow vulnerability which may be triggered by viewing a malformed PNG image. For details, see technote 1635878.
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JMIL8WWSL4Fixes issue where Directory [PROGRAMFILES]\My Company Name\My Product Name was being created by the fixpack installer
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SHEZ97GH6EInstalls missing Windows runtime library that could prevent other applications from launching such as IBM Access Manager 7.1, IBM i Access, Citrix...
TOCL92NLZ7Fixes issue where custom JVM jar files were deleted when installing a Domino fixpack
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TSAO94WFC5Fixes an issue where DBCS text printed by a Lotusscript agent are truncated when Domino runs With CCSID 1399
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AJMO99WLM9Olson timezone table was updated in 8.5.3 FP5 with new JVM update to tzdata2013d
KLYH95CMCJIBM JRE / JVM in Notes and Domino upgraded to 1.6 SR14 to address a series of java security vulnerabilities outlined in technote 1644918 covering CVE...
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
SSCT962QYJFixes Domino Server crash that occurs when Lotusscript C Api calls on 64bit platforms use types as arguments. This is a regression in 8.5.3...
RDJS94GTVDFixes Domino crash on 64 bit platforms, caused by having a LotusScript agent that makes C API calls to Operating System APIs iteratively, such as in...
KJKJ9468AYFixed a Windows Domino 64-bit Server Lotusscript OLE crash. Domino in this environment was not handling the size of parameters being passed...
TTSU94HQZJFixes issue where LotusScript: Lotus C API REGNewUser registers Alternate Name of users without conveting to LMBCS
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RGAU8U5NA9Fixed an issue where, when a user selected all documents and then dragged/dropped them into a a folder in Windows Explorer, the wrong number of...
PJON8SNW24Fixes a problem where parentheses "()" where being stripped out of user names when addressing a mail. This is a regession in 8.5.2.
PLYS8PAH94Preserve Notes rich text content in mail which is encrypted and sent via SMTP so it can be opened and viewed (assuming that the one has the proper...
CTSI8T9S26Fixed problem with accepting valid Notes ID passwords containing special characters. This was a regression in 8.5.1.
SJCN8GXGKWFixes issue were when sending a mail may the Notes client may crash under some addressing conditions.
JALS6XK2B2Fix to allow router to continue journalling messages when hitting 64k limit error in order to prevent mail backing up in mail.box. This fix is...


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